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Tool Bucket Organizer

All this time we thought these Klein buckets were used for tools. Thanks to “Clover’s Green Handyman Service” for showing us that they are extremely efficient child carriers as well.

USA Buckets & Trash Cans

My favorite company logo has to be the S&K Products logo (now called S&K Ware), mainly because of the “galvanized trash can funnel man”.

Here he is in real life standing beside the many products he and his fellow “funnel men” manufacture. All of their products are made in Coldwater OH.

We just started carrying these tiny 2 quart buckets. Look how tiny they are!

S&K Ware trash cans

We also started carrying their classic galvanized trash cans for all your garbage needs. Check out their website at: to see their full line of products.

Combo Square Centerhead & Protractors (USA)

pec products engineering protractor

Our Blem PEC (Products Engineering) combination squares are so popular that we’ve decided to start selling the Centerhead and the Protractor parts separately.

products engineering combination square centerhead

If you’ve already bought one of our squares and want to upgrade, now you can just order the part, instead of having to buy a whole new square. Fits 12″ Products Engineering blades and up.

Knoxville Leather Gloves (USA)

knoxville leather gloves

Spring time is coming, and this year we all want to look fashionable on the job site. That’s why we just got in these Knoxville leather gloves made in Knoxville Tennessee. We carry them with the long gauntlet, but decided we had to have them in the safety cuff as well (Med, Lg & XL). Just make sure to throw some dirt on them and scuff them up a bit before you wear them. Don’t want everyone thinking it’s your first day.

Front Counter Men

New front counter display.

Your Very Own Currency

One of the first things I thought of when starting to custom stamp brass tags was, “We can mint our own currency!” I was of course thinking about some kind of Epstein’s Buck, much like Amazon has tried to create, or Bitcoin has done online. After thinking about it awhile though, I realized that there was already a currency out there that is traded more than anything I could come up with, more than Bitcoin, more than Amazon’s “Coin”, even more than the dollar. I am of course referring to the currency of Favors.

When people operate outside the world of money, they operate in the world of Favors. The local art world in Kansas City (and I imagine in many other cities) is a self-regulated Favor system. Typically artists don’t have much money, so all exchanges are Favor exchanges. “I’ll help you with your project if you help me with mine.” I imagine many other fields that aren’t huge revenue producers operate much the same way.

The downside to Favors is that they are hard to keep track of because they are so abstract. Sometimes in the frantic social world in which we live, it is sometimes hard to remember all the Favors and Counter-Favors that have accumulated. After this realization, all that was left was to take the abstract Favor and solidify it in a physical form and viola, Favor Currency.

Favor Currency comes in two amounts: Big and small. Rack up a bunch of Favors, and then cash them all in, or save them up and start your very own Favor collection. Never have to worry about losing track of Favors again! When someone asks you for a Favor, ask them for their Favor Coin. Write their name on the back and put it in your desk drawer. Pull it out when you have to move, when a pipe breaks in your basement, or when you need your sidewalk shoveled.

Different forms of money come and go, but favors are here forever.

US Paracord Monkey’s Fist

us paracord monkey's fist

If there is one thing we like doing here at Epsteins it is promoting small manufacturers and you can’t get any smaller then a single individual, which is why when Shane brought us these Monkey’s Fists he made out of our Gladding 550-7 Paracord, we jumped at the chance to start carrying them. Stainless steel anchor shackle. Approximately 9 1/2″ in length. These Monkey’s Fists consist of US paracord wrapped meticulously around a steel ball.

Custom Made Brass Tags

graphotype machine

I recently dusted off the Addressograph-Graphotype 6341 Machine that we had in our basement. It is most likely from the 1930′s and is like a typewriter except instead of writing on paper, it writes on metal. I’ve been doing custom labels to better organize the store, which got me thinking, maybe other people would like some custom labels, which then lead me to remember the solid brass tags that we buy from C.H. Hanson.

So, viola! Custom brass tags. Tag anything you want. Have the fanciest price tags in the world. Label every single thing in your house with your initials. Make jewelry. Start your own currency. The possibilities are endless! Actually there is most likely a finite number of possibilities if you take all of the characters that the machine can type and the space provided by the tag, but still, that’s a lot of possibilities!

Graphotype Labels

New metal in-store labels courtesy of the Graphotype machine. (If you don’t know what a Graphoytpe machine is, see previous post.)

Graphotype Machine

As a small family business it is sometimes hard to keep up with the fast paced change that advancing technology brings, but like any business that hopes to survive the onslaught, we have made some improvements, and have updated our core infrastructure. While most people think that the internet is the wave of the future, we are putting our energies into reviving the Graphotype machine, which is why we spent $12.25 on oil, and brought it up out of the basement and into our office, where it will be making small metal labels for all our products in the store. Now, while I work on my Macbook Pro updating blogs, websites and such, I can swivel my chair around and stamp out a metal product label that will be fastened with magnetic tape to our shelves. Here at Epstein’s we embrace our technological future, and all the oddities that it brings.