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1/2″ Breaker Bars Easco, SK & KD

KD 1/2

KD 1/2″ Drive Breaker Bar 9 1/4″. NOS. Made in the USA.

Easco Breaker Bar 1/2

Easco 1/2″ Drive Breaker Bar 9 1/4″. NOS. Made in the USA.

SK 1/2

SK 1/2″ Drive Breaker Bar 9 1/4″. NOS. Made in the USA.

Charlie Mylie Box Art

For Epstein’s Day this year we had a very special guest “box artist”, KC’s very own Charlie Mylie.

(I realize that the above sentence requires quite a bit of explanation, so here is a FAQ that should answer any questions:)

What is Epstein’s Day? Tell me. I want to know!
What is box art? What is this?
What is KC? I don’t know what this means.
Who is Charlie Mylie? Who?

In honor of another successful Epstein’s Day, as well as having our first guest box artist, I’m posting some of my favorite box art requests in no particular order.

Thanks Charlie and thanks to everyone that participated in Epstein’s Day!

US Navy Saucers

us navy mess-wardroom officer blue band ceramic saucers

Homer Laughlin US Navy Mess-Wardroom Officer Blue Band Ceramic Saucers. Say that five times fast. These saucers are 6″ wide and have a nice bowlish curve that puts the lip at around 1 1/8″ tall. Two blue circles with the navy anchor. Nice thick china. Brand New.

New Knipex Electrician Pliers Closeout

knipex electricians pliers

Bada bing! 6 1/4″ Knipex Electrician’s Pliers. The ideal pliers for cable work; gripping and bending wire and for cutting soft, medium and hard wire. Stripping capacities for 10/12/14 AWG. The precision cutting edges are induction hardened to approximately 60 HRC. The crimping feature is for end sleeves or ferrules.

Knipex Long Nose Electrician's Pliers

Bada boom! 8″ Knipex Long Nose Pliers W/ 12 Awg Sripping Hole.

USA Nicholson (NOS) File Deal

Nicholson usa nos files

File this under another tool I thought I’d never see again. That’s right. USA Nicholson files. About as rare (maybe rarer) then USA vise-grip. New in stock. 17 different styles, sizes and cuts. Get ‘em while they last.

NOS Council Tool Axe

Council Tool Dayton Ax

Just in! This NOS Council Tool Dayton ax. 36″ handle. Two tone green paint job on head. Nice US made axe.

Diamond NOS Auto Wrenches

Diamond 11

I never thought I would see NOS Diamond Tools again, but I in the last few weeks we’ve gotten 4 new Diamond products to offer. The first is this 11″ auto wrench. Comes carded as shown. This was originally known as a “Ford” wrench because Henry Ford had them included in each Ford automobile. They later adopted the less brand specific name of “auto wrench”.

Diamond 15

Amazingly, not a week later after getting in the 11″ auto wrench, we found it’s big brother. These 15″ Diamond Tool Auto Wrenches are mostly packed in sealed plastic bags, but some are loose. Opens up to a whopping 3 11/16″.

Diamond Smooth Jaw Pliers

Also of mention are these Diamond 5 1/2″ Smooth Jaw Flat Nose Pliers. Brand new, but the handles are a little dirty from sitting in a box for 30 or 40 years. Copper joint. Green rubberized handles. Jaws are 1 1/2″ long.

Diamond Gas and Burner Pliers

Finally we have these somewhat odd looking Diamond 10″ Gas & Burner Pliers. Brand new in box as shown.

Aden Vintage Safety Glasses

aden vintage safety glasses

Who are you kidding? You aren’t going to use these glasses for “safety”. Throw out those ugly new fangled space age looking glasses you keep in your truck that make you look like the sixth member of the Backstreet Boys and grab a pair of these defiantly clunky Michigan made vintage Aden safety glasses. Brand new in box!

PEC USA Rules (2nds)

pec usa rules

Added 14 PEC US made rules in the government surplus section. Varying lengths. Rigid & Flex. Metric & Standard. Grooved and Non-grooved. Stainless & Regular steel.

These rules are 2nds from PEC. They have a cosmetic blemish that does not effect the accuracy of the rule. They are all marked with a grind mark to distinguish them as seconds.

Machinist’s Solid Squares

Machinist's Squares Solid Squares

You want machinist’s squares? We’ve got machinist’s squares. Lots of them. In lots of different sizes. From 2″ all the way up to 24″. That’s right. A 24″ machinist’s square. What do you do with a 24″ machinist’s square, besides impressing your friends with the largest machinist’s square they’ve ever seen? I have no idea. That is a really good question. Would love to hear some applications.